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How to Succeed: Interview with Heather Kirksey

How to Succeed: Interview with Heather Kirksey

Continuing my series of interviews in Porto, Portugal, I interviewed Heather Kirksey, Vice President of Community & Ecosystem Development at the Linux Foundation.

Before asking her to interview, I spent a few days listening to her speak on stage and talked with her one on one. Several things impressed me about Heather. First of all, she's highly intelligent. Listening to her was a true delight. Secondly, she understands the value of hard work and perseverance under trial- something many of us need to learn, including myself. And thirdly, she understands the value of collaboration. In her profession, she oversees many people and projects. She knows that each person working for/with her has their own individual, unique skillsets and she's determined to make sure those skillsets are valued and appreciated.

Because Heather is a true catalyst for the common good of humanity, and a natural leader, I really wanted to understand her mindset on "success".

Success is something all of us hope for, but only a few of us achieve. What's her secret? How did she do it? Was it all rainbows and butterflies? Or were there hardships involved? If so, what were they?

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